OsteoBit® therapy

OsteoBit® therapy: capacitive bone growth stimulator

OsteoBit® therapy is an innovative solution for bone growth stimulation. 

Compact, light, easy to use and compatible with normal daily activities, it is ideal for treating risk fractures, stress fractures and non-unions.

Dedicated electrodes (applied part) must be applied directly to the skin surface and can be used with internal or external orthopaedic fixators.

OsteoBit® therapy is effective and safe. OsteoBit® therapy has shown to heal 84% of non-unions.

The exclusive patented IGEA technology guarantees that the osteogenetic signal is maintained at the fracture site. 

OsteoBit® therapy self-calibration keeps the current levels constant during the different  phases of bone callus mineralization.



Information material

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if_file-pdf_285666.png OsteoBit® therapy Technical Data Sheet



OsteoBit® therapy complies with safety standards for medical electrical equipment EN 60601‐1.

OsteoBit® therapy complies with the European Directive for Medical Devices 93/42/CEE and its revised version and it is CE0051 marked under the control of the Notification Body IMQ.

To grant efficacy and safety and in conformity to the EN 60601-1-11 standard, the therapy parameters are preset according to the pathology and can not, even unintentionally be modified by the patient.

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