IGEA Therapy

Clinical Biophysics for bone healing and chondroprotection

IGEA research and development activities are focused on Clinical Biophysics to stimulate osteogenesis and to protect joint cartilage.

Over 35 years of clinical studies and 300,000 patients treated have shown that IGEA therapy is an effective tool available to the physicians to promote repair of bone tissue and cartilage.

Several trials have confirmed that IGEA therapy (Biostim® therapy, OsteoBit® therapy, FAST® therapy and OsteoSpine® therapy) are effectively and safely promoting and facilitating fracture healing. 

Early stage of osteoarthritis and post-traumatic joint pathology are successfully treated with I-ONE® therapy.

Likewise, after joint surgery I-ONE® TPC is used to protect the articular microenvironment from inflammation and degeneration processes.

Both therapies reduce patients' functional recovery time and protect the articular cartilage whilst maintaining its integrity.

IGEA therapy is safe, easy to use and manageable with just one button.

As in the case of drugs, IGEA therapy is developed following a strict research and development pathway which grants physicians and patients efficacy and safety.


IGEA Therapy. A choice of value.

IGEA Therapy has been validated by more that 300 scientific papers.

In more than 300,000 patients treated there has been no recorded side effects or clinical contraindications.

IGEA therapy is protected by patents and there are no other therapies supported by comparable scientific data on efficacy and safety.

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