Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is I-ONE® TPC?

    I-ONE® TPC (Post Surgical Therapy) is a biophysical stimulation device that exerts an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action.

    I-ONE® TPC, after a joint surgery, shortens the post-operative recovery time resolving inflammation and to preserving the joint over time.

    I-ONE® TPC significantly reduces post-operative pain and the use of Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) protecting the integrity and functionality of the joint.

    It also promotes full recovery of the joint by limiting swelling and joint stiffness.

    The real big advantages are faster recovery times maintained over time.

  • When is I-ONE® TPC indicated?

    After surgery, functional recovery of the limb may be hindered by pain and swelling. In the long term this can delay a return to everyday activities.

    I-ONE® TPC (Post Surgical Therapy) in these cases, quickly resolves joint inflammation, preserves cartilage quality and survival of the subchondral bone, allows faster recovery and less use of anti-inflammatory drugs, maintaining the result over the duration of time.

  • How does I-ONE® TPC work?

    I-ONE® TPC delivers a pulsed electromagnetic fields able to interact with all joint structures. 

    It acts like a drug reducing pain and swelling, but without side effects.

    I-ONE® TPC prevents and reduces the negative impact of inflammation on the joint by stimulating the activity of a molecule present in our body (adenosine) which reduces inflammatory processes, favoring the integrity of all the structures joint.

    I-ONE® TPC prevents the damaging effect of inflammation on cartilage finally resulting in joint chondroprotection.

  • How to know if I-ONE® TPC is working properly?

    Activate I-ONE® TPC by pressing the power button for about 2 seconds (until a confirmation beep is heard), a LED with a steady green light will illuminate and the words "IGEA" and "I-ONE" will appear on the display and the therapy will ten commence.

    At this point the green light will flash and the display will show a time that indicates the duration of the therapy performed. The timer is updated minute by minute until the recommended daily therapy time of 4 hours is completed.

    Once the daily therapy time is reached, the system emits 3 "beeps" and stops dispensing the therapy. The green light becomes fixed and the time flashes showing that the daily therapy time (4 hours) has been completed.

  • Is I-ONE® TPC safe?

    Yes. Its biological and electrical safety are widely documented.

    Thousands of patients have successfully used I-ONE® TPC in the absence of negative side effects.

    I-ONE® TPC is manufactured in compliance with the IEC 60601-1 standards, meets the requirements of directive 93/42/EEC and it is CE0051 marked.


  • What does I-ONE® TPC feel like and what effect does it have on daily activities?

    The patient does not feel the presence of the electromagnetic field generated by I-ONE® TPC.

    Light and portable I-ONE® TPC can be used during the day without interfering with daily activities. 

    I-ONE® TPC is easy to use regardless of the anatomical site to be treated.

    To guarantee the effectiveness of the therapy, the treatment parameters (in compliance with the CEI EN 60601-1-11 standard) are preset and can not be changed, even accidentally, by the patient.

  • How long does daily treatment last?

    Daily treatment with I-ONE® TPC must be 4 hours (not necessarily consecutive).

    The attending physician will specify the total duration of therapy in accordance to the pathology being treated

  • How long does healing take with I-ONE® TPC?

    Treatment length depends on the severity of the disease.

    The doctor prescribes the duration of the therapy based on his experience and on the results of clinical trials.

    Before discontinuing therapy, even if there are clear signs of improvement, it is always necessary to firstly consult your doctor.

    The constant daily use of I-ONE® TPC and the continuity of treatment until recovery is essential to promote the healing process.

  • Does I-ONE® TPC need special care or specific maintenance?


    I-ONE® TPC is prepared and shipped to patients ready for use. No intervention or maintenance is required.


    To guarantee the reliability of the performance, I-ONE® TPC should be subjected to an ordinary maintenance procedures and a control of the operating parameters (to be performed by the IGEA Service Centre) every 24 months of use (Guide IEC 62-122).

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