I-ONE® therapy

I-ONE® therapy: joint chondroprotection

I-ONE® therapy is a biophysical treatment for joint chondroprotection.

I-ONE® therapy is indicated for early stages of osteoarthritis and post-traumatic joint pathologies.

I-ONE® therapy effectively controls joint inflammation and protects articular cartilage from degeneration.

I-ONE® therapy alleviates pain associted with joint swelling reducing recovery time. 

I-ONE®  therapy was developed within the "C.R.E.S. study" (Cartilage Repair and Electromagnetic Stimulation), a large translational research focused on the chondroprotective effect.



Informative material

if_file-pdf_285666.png I-ONE® therapy Folder

if_file-pdf_285666.png I-ONE® therapy Technical Data Sheet

I-ONE® therapy complies with safety standards for medical electrical equipment EN 60601‐1.

I-ONE® therapy complies with the European Directive for Medical Devices 93/42/CEE and its revised version and it is CE0051 marked under the control of the Notification Body IMQ.

To grant efficacy and safety and in conformity to the EN 60601-1-11 standard, the therapy parameters are preset according to the pathology and can not, even unintentionally be modified by the patient.


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