Frequently Asked Questions

  • When FAST® therapy indicated?

    If, after trauma a fracture does not show progression towards healing after more than 3 months, FAST® therapy can be adopted to trigger osteogenesis and to finalise the repair process.

  • How does FAST® therapy work?

    FAST® therapy delivers a low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) that triggers the bone healing. FAST® therapy main clinical indications are fresh fractures at risk, delayed unions and non-unions.

  • How to know if FAST® therapy is working properly?

    FAST® therapy is switched on by pressing the single button on the right side of the device for 2 seconds (the device emits a short "beep").

    To commence the therapy press the button located benehat the display (the device will again emit a short "beep").

    The clock on the central display calculates the lenght of therapy in minutes and after twenty minutes will automatically stop and emit three short "beeps" (this signals the end of the therapy.

    The running clock indicates that therapy is proceeding regularly.

  • Is FAST® therapy safe?

    Yes. Its biological and electrical safety are widely documented.

    Thousands of patients have successfully used FAST® therapy in the absence of negative side effects.

    FAST® therapy is manufactured in compliance with the IEC 60601-1 standards, meets the requirements of directive 93/42/EEC and it is CE0051 marked.

  • What does FAST® therapy feel like and what effect does it have on daily activities?

    The patient does not feel the presence of the electromagnetic field generated by FAST® therapy.

    The treatment does not interfere with daily activities.

    To guarantee the effectiveness of the therapy, the treatment parameters (in compliance with the CEI EN 60601-1-11 standard) are preset and can not be changed, even accidentally, by the patient.

  • Does the FAST® therapy probe (ultrasound transducer) work through clotes?


    The FAST® therapy probe (ultrasound transducer) must be in direct contact with the skin, as it is necessary to apply a layer of gel (supplied by IGEA) on the ultrasound transducer (on the smooth part of the probe).

    The gel optimizes the passage of the ultrasound signal from the probe to the skin.

    To obtain the most from the treatment the gel must be applied under the probe before each therapeutic session.

  • How long does daily treatment last?

    FAST® therapy recommended daily treatment regime consists in only 20 minutes per day.

    FAST® therapy is programmed to automatically turn off after 20 minutes of therapy.

    It is not advisable to continue therapy for more than 20 minutes unless specifically prescribed by your doctor.

  • How long does healing take with FAST® therapy?

    Treatment length depends on the severity of and length time since fracture.

    The doctor prescribes the duration of the therapy based on his experience and on the results of clinical trials.

    Before discontinuing therapy, even if there are clear signs of improvement, it is always necessary to firstly consult your doctor.

    The constant daily use of FAST® therapy and the continuity of treatment until recovery is essential to promote the healing process. 

  • Can FAST® therapy be used during pregnancy?

    The effects of FAST® therapy low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) during pregnancy or while breastfeeding have not been investigated and, therefore, Physician advice is recommended. 

  • Does FAST® therapy need special care or specific maintenance?


    FAST® therapy is prepared and shipped to patients ready for use. No intervention or maintenance is required.


    To guarantee the reliability of performance, FAST® therapy should be subjected to ordinary maintenance procedures and a control of the operating parameters (to be performed by the IGEA Service Centre) every 24 months of use (Guide IEC 62-122).

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