BIOSTIM® therapy

BIOSTIM® therapy: inductive bone growth stimulator

BIOSTIM® therapy is the most reliable technological solution to activate and to enhance bone healing by means of a specific physical signal. 

Battery powered, light and easy to use BIOSTIM® therapy is recommended by physicians for all conditions where osteogenetic activity is weak.

BIOSTIM® therapy is effective and safe.

BIOSTIM® therapy allows the osteogenetic signal to be easily focussed precisely on the target area.

BIOSTIM® therapy consists of a signal generator powered by a rechargeable battery.

BIOSTIM® therapy, both in the rental version and in the sales version, is supplied with the most appropriate applicator (coil) for the skeletal site to be treated. The coil is positioned over the fracture but not necessarily in direct contact with the skin.

Six different coils (applied part used individually) specifically dedicated to skeletal segments ensures constant and correct focalisation of the physical signal. 

BIOSTIM® therapy can be used in conjunction with a plaster-cast, internal or external synthesis devices or implants.

BIOSTIM® therapy recommended daily treatment regime consists of 8 hours and can be used during normal daily activities (the treatment can be split in 4 sessions of 2 hours) or during the night. 

The use of BIOSTIM® therapy does not interfere with normal daily activities.




Informative material

if_file-pdf_285666.png BIOSTIM® therapy Folder

if_file-pdf_285666.png BIOSTIM® therapy Technical Data Sheet


BIOSTIM® therapy electrical safety is IMQ certified.

BIOSTIM® therapy is manufatured in compliance with the IEC 60601-1 standards, meets the requirements of directive 93/42/EEC and it is CE0051 marked.

To grant efficacy and safety and in conformity to the CEI EN 60601-1-11 directives, the therapy parameters are preset according to the pathology and can not, even unintentionally, be modified by the patient.

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