Cliniporator VITAE


The Cliniporator®VITAE is the latest generation of the Cliniporator® platform technology.

The Cliniporator®VITAE is the most advanced electroporation technology for treatment of tumour nodules located on the skin, subcutaneous tissue, parenchyma and bone.  

The Cliniporator®VITAE allows either the treatment of tumoral lesions located on the skin or subcutaneous tissue (through the use of multiple needle electrodes joined in a pre-set geometry) or deep-seated tumours and bone (through individual needle electrodes in a custom modality).




Latest generation needles, thanks to their echogenicity, allow for safe and easy insertion in the parenchyma of internal organs both with a laparotomic and percutaneous approach (under ultrasound guidance or CT scan).

The use of a cardiac synchronisation system leads the delivery of the electric pulses during the absolute refractory period of the heart, allowing Cliniporator® VITAE (available also for Cliniporator®) to perform a safe treatment of visceral tumors also in proximity of the heart.

The Cliniporator® VITAE is equipped with additional features which are not available for the Cliniporator®, that make the electroporation of visceral and bone tumors easier and safe:

- Six independent outputs allow the simultaneous management of up to six needle electrodes available in differing lengths, diameters and active parts.

- PULSAR proprietary software allows the operator to plan the treatment by acquiring DICOM images. A series of accessories (masks and spacers) lead to the precise insertion of the electrodes.

Information material

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The Cliniporator® VITAE is a highly reliable device, built to meet the most rigorous European safety standards.

The Cliniporator® VITAE complies with electrical safety standards EN 60601‐1 and with the requirements of the European Directive for Medical Devices 93/42/CEE and its revised version.

The Cliniporator® VITAE is marked CE0051 under the control of the Notification Body IMQ.



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