Innovation for over thirty years

Since 1980, the year the company was founded, IGEA has been working to provide innovative and effective therapies to patients.

IGEA's constant commitment and knowledge, built on solid scientific foundations, led to the birth of Clinical Biophysics, a branch of medicine based on the use of non-ionising physical energy.

Over the years, scientific research and intellectual curiosity have always distinguished the work of IGEA enabling the company to develop new and efficacious orthopaedic medical devices to promote reparative osteogenesis and joint protection.

In 2000, with the aim of offering the patient an effective and safe therapy that was easy to use and with minimal side effects, IGEA decided to take on a new challenge: the development of oncological biophysics for the treatment of solid tumours.

The significant progress made in science, technology and continuous identification of innovative and efficacious treatment solutions for the improvement of patients’ quality of life, have made IGEA the leading company in the field of Clinical Biophysics.




IGEA’s work, focused on the search for efficacious therapies, is built on a knowledge-based approach and awareness of patient issues.

Individuals, their ideas and the quality of the products are the foundation on which IGEA decided to build its future and on which its destiny depends on.

Safety and quality certifications

IGEA products comply with directive 94/42/EEC and subsequent amendments for medical devices, with the EN 60601 standards for electromedical devices and are CE marked under the control of the notified body IMQ. 

IGEA's Quality System complies with ISO 13485 standard for medical devices.




Information material


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